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   The lynx is a member of the Felidae family, which includes 4 species and is found only in the northern hemisphere, especially in North America. In western and central Europe were populations were massively exterminated in the 19th century, they were reintroduced in the initial habitats. They are also meet in the Romanian Carpathians, European and Asian Russia. It is an animal with a medium size, yellow-red fur, with rusty-black stains, more and less evidenced and the years terminated with flocks of long and black hair.

   They have long paws with cushions, specially adapted for snow walking, and retractile claws in cases. The back foots are strong, adapted for jumping. The male (21 kg) is larger than the female (18 kg), and has a shoulder height of 45 – 86 cm. It is a lonely animal, night hunting, agile and ferocious.

   The lynx lives in dense forests at high altitudes. Although it hunts mainly on land, it can climb trees and swim also. It is a carnivore animal, consuming diverse species, from mice to deer, but the main food is the hart. In areas where exists a high density of chamois, it will prefer this type of food. Rarely does it consume rabbits and other animals, wild-boar cubs, squirrels, mice and mountain rooster. In situations of starvation, it competes with the wolf and other necrophagous animals, especially bears.

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